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The U.S. Postal Service traces its origin to July 26, 1775,
when the Continental Congress named Benjamin Franklin the
first American Postmaster General. Information on
Postmasters who served prior to that time is derived from
colonial records and is incomplete.
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Under Dutch rule, mail service was reportedly established
in NEW AMSTERDAM by 1659.
The following individuals reportedly served as Postmasters
under the British: William Bogardus, 1687; Henry Sharpas,
1692; Richard Nicholls, about 1720; Alexander Colden, about
1753; John Antill, 1774.
Ebenezer Hazard Postmaster 05/03/1775
John Holt Postmaster 05/08/1775
John Holt and Ebenezer Hazard were both appointed under
Goddard's Constitutional Post and appear to have served
during the same time. Hazard was appointed the sole
Postmaster by Benjamin Franklin on September 21, 1775.
William Bedlow Postmaster 04/05/1784
William Bedlow was serving as Postmaster by April 5, 1784;
his appointment date is unavailable.
Sebastian Bauman Postmaster 02/16/1790
Josias Ten Eyck Postmaster 01/01/1804
The dates given for Sebastian Bauman and Josias Ten Eyck
are the dates of their first financial returns. Their
appointment dates are unavailable.
Theodorus Bailey Postmaster 01/02/1804
Samuel L. Gouverneur Postmaster 11/19/1828
Jonathan J. Coddington Postmaster 07/05/1836
John L. Graham Postmaster 03/14/1842
Robert H. Morris Postmaster 05/03/1845
William V. Brady Postmaster 05/14/1849
Isaac V. Fowler Postmaster 04/01/1853
John A. Dix Postmaster 05/17/1860
William B. Taylor Postmaster 01/16/1861
Abram Wakeman Postmaster 03/21/1862
James Kelly Postmaster 09/19/1864
Patrick H. Jones Postmaster 04/27/1869
Thomas L. James Postmaster 03/17/1873
Henry G. Pearson Postmaster 03/22/1881
Cornelius Van Cott Postmaster 04/05/1889
Charles W. Dayton Postmaster 06/05/1893
Cornelius Van Cott Postmaster 05/12/1897
William R. Willcox Postmaster 12/07/1904
Edward M. Morgan Postmaster 08/14/1907
Thomas G. Patten Postmaster 03/16/1917
Edward M. Morgan Postmaster 06/23/1921
John J. Kiely Acting Postmaster 01/10/1925
John J. Kiely Postmaster 01/22/1925
Albert Goldman Acting Postmaster 08/31/1934
Albert Goldman Postmaster 01/16/1935
George M. Bragalini Acting Postmaster 04/30/1952
James B. Tunny Acting Postmaster 03/31/1953
Col. Harold Riegelman Acting Postmaster 05/04/1953
John H. Sheehan Acting Postmaster 08/04/1953
Robert H. Schaffer Acting Postmaster 08/16/1954
Robert H. Schaffer Postmaster 08/02/1955
Howard Coonen Acting Postmaster 05/31/1957
Robert K. Christenberry Acting Postmaster 06/03/1958
Robert K. Christenberry Postmaster 09/21/1959
Eugene Pinson Acting Postmaster 07/01/1966
John R. Strachan Acting Postmaster 11/04/1966
John R. Strachan Postmaster 06/26/1967
George J. Hass Officer-In-Charge 07/16/1971
Thomas V. Flanagan Officer-In-Charge 07/01/1972
John R. Strachan Postmaster 12/09/1972
George F. Shuman Officer-In-Charge 01/13/1979
Paul E. Donovan Officer-In-Charge 02/16/1979
George F. Shuman Postmaster 05/19/1979
John M. Nolan Postmaster 01/05/1985
William J. Dowling Officer-In-Charge 03/03/1989
John F. Kelly Postmaster 11/04/1989
Sylvester Black Postmaster 01/09/1993
Vinnie Malloy Postmaster 12/19/1998
Robert A. Daruk Sr. Officer-In-Charge 02/28/2007
Robert A. Daruk Sr. Postmaster 03/17/2007
William J. Schnaars Postmaster 01/31/2009
Lorraine G. Castellano Postmaster 10/24/2009
Aracelis M. Osorio Officer-In-Charge 07/03/2010
Robert J. Brown Postmaster 10/23/2010
Elvin Mercado Officer-In-Charge 12/13/2013
Elvin Mercado Postmaster 03/08/2014
Kevin J. Crocilla Officer-In-Charge 08/20/2015
Kevin J. Crocilla Postmaster 02/20/2016
Daniel P. ONeill Officer-In-Charge 01/20/2018

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