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Name Title Date Appointed
(Originally established as PLATTSBURG)
Charles Z. Platt Postmaster 09/14/1797
Eleazer Miller Postmaster 10/12/1798
Caleb Nicholls Postmaster 01/10/1804
John Lynde Postmaster 05/02/1814
Changed to PLATTSBURGH by 1828
Henry K. Averill Postmaster 08/31/1831
Levi Platt Postmaster 05/01/1841
Levi Platt Jr. Postmaster 05/05/1849
Charles S. Mooers Postmaster 05/04/1853
William Pitt Platt Postmaster 09/29/1857
Levi Platt Postmaster 05/02/1861
Harry S. Ransom Postmaster 04/19/1869
Ransom R. Grant Postmaster 03/27/1885
Abram W. Lansing Postmaster 03/29/1889
Changed back to PLATTSBURG by 1891
John Crowley Postmaster 04/15/1893
Frank F. Hathaway Postmaster 05/17/1897
Ernest J. Robinson Postmaster 01/31/1901
William B. Mooers Postmaster 12/21/1909
Andrew G. Senecal Postmaster 01/27/1914
Dennis Lamarche Postmaster 03/01/1923
John H. McGaulley Acting Postmaster 12/15/1933
Robert P. Dumas Acting Postmaster 04/16/1934
Robert P. Dumas Postmaster 03/19/1935
Arthur Sharron Acting Postmaster 05/22/1936
Arthur Sharron Postmaster 02/04/1937
Changed back to PLATTSBURGH on July 1, 1955
Horace F. Davies Acting Postmaster 06/27/1958
Horace F. Davies Postmaster 04/29/1960
Roland R. Hewitt Officer-In-Charge 06/29/1973
Roland R. Hewitt Postmaster 10/27/1973
John E. Stimmel Officer-In-Charge 08/31/1979
Terry N. Rogers Postmaster 05/17/1980
Bruce G. Davey Officer-In-Charge 11/08/1991
Donald W. Galarneau Officer-In-Charge 12/27/1991
George H. Perry Postmaster 05/02/1992
David A. Jalonack Officer-In-Charge 01/11/2005
Ross G. French Postmaster 02/19/2005
? Officer-In-Charge
Sharon L. Larkin Postmaster 10/06/2012
David E. McDonald Postmaster 04/13/2019
? Officer-In-Charge
Robert E. Larson Postmaster 10/12/2019

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